Friday, 16 December 2011


We had fun and enjoy as all students are sporting and close to each other. Various activities have been carried out there. In addition, we cook some food and had a very tasty chicken barbecue. Beside that, we were given a gift each. Not to mention our gift to our beloved lecturer.  Finally, we had a photo session before dismissed. I hope this picnic will be the one of the most beautiful memories of this semester. That's all from me today.. Thank you.. Assalamualaikum... =)

Thursday, 15 December 2011


Last Monday, i had a public speaking test. So, some of my friend got a topic about "Child Abduction" but what we misunderstood to "child Adoption.  My lecturer Miss Fairus asked all my friends in the class about abduction. She asked one by one of the person about what is the meaning of "Abduction" but all of us answered about "child adoption". Then she said we were wrong and she tell us "abduction" was about a kidnapping. Suddenly i remembered about a movie I had watched before. The tittle was "ABDUCTION". The story was about the act of taking someone away by force or cunning or kidnapping. The story was quite interesting for me. 

What would you do if you found your own picture on a missing persons website?  Teen Nathan Harper acting by Taylor Lautner (Jacob in Twilight)  finds himself facing this very dilemma. Setting out to uncover his real identity, Nathan quickly learns his parents are far from who they say they are. When the police, government agents and shadowy figures start to pursue him, Nathan’s quest for the truth erupts into a full-blown “Bourne”-like man-on-the-run thriller. 

So, guys.. Lets find out about the story and watch together.. And the important is lastly I understand what is the meaning of "ABDUCTION". Thats all from me today.. Thank you.. Assalamualaikum.. =)

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Speaking Test

Today in English communications class,
my Lecturer has made public speaking test. We were given the option to select number of titles will be received for public speaking. I feel very fortunate and grateful to get a simple title "as a student what do you prefer as your transportation? Either Motorbike or car?" then, when my turn begins. I start with the opening and go directly to my topic. I had to tell to the audience about the difference, advantage and disadvantage about both of the vehicles.


I have choose Motorbike as a vehicle of my choice because it saves fuel and easy to use. It also easily to find space for parking and surely never stuck in traffic jam. But I dont have a Motorbike’s licence. But, there are also some disadvantages of using motorcycle such as when raining, of course we will get all wet. next, motorcycle are easily been stolen rather than a car. So I prefer public transport provided by the UPSI ... that all from me for today..Thank you ... Assalamualaikum.... =)

Sunday, 4 December 2011


yesterday, I had joined a competition to meet the aerobic co-management subjectsrepresent the first of the six groups there and our turn to present aerobics on the third . in fact we have no early preparation because everybody busy with their own affairsas well as for me. we started to train all of the move the night before the competition. this competition was held at Dewan Rahmat Talib. for me it was a funny memories as we made the arrangement last minute and  spontaneous. therefore, we were got last place. but for me, although we got last place but indirectly this event made my friends and i get closer. That's from me today.. thank you...

Monday, 14 November 2011

Lastly... I just Understood...

I just added by my friend in EC1 group.. At there I just know about what things I need to write in my blog.. Its all about a things or a moments happen in the EC1 class or related. So, I think what I wrote before this was wrong... Now I need to edit my blog as required by my lecturer. 

Last week class as we know, we have done our role-play... Honestly I really enjoy with our role-play because I saw creativity that has been played by my friends in EC1 class... I wanna say " Good Job!!!" to my group because they well done with our role-play... I also would like to thank you to all members in my group because of our commitment although we did it in spontaneous.... lastly, good bye and thank you...


Friday, 11 November 2011


A week has passed... Deepavali holidays also have been completed.. But many other things are pending.. Next week the mid - term test will begin... And also have many assignment I need to submit and presented. I feel like dont want go back to UPSI because of have a lots of task are not complete.. 

Oh! Allah... Please give me some spirits and throw away my lazy attitude from my inside... And give me a flow and easy way to survive on my journey in pursuit of knowledge... Amin~ Thank you...


Monday, 7 November 2011


Yesterday, my mother cooked special dishes to brought a meal to my brother and sister at Teknik Gombak. I came with my mom, my little brother. I very happy to spent time together with them. 
After I sent my mom and my little brother home, I spend time with my friend at Tropicana Mall City and that is our first time to went there. For me there are quite bored because there just had a shops and don't have a lot of entertainment place. So, what we are doing there are just walking, eating and watching movie.. 

Firstly, when we arrived there we tried Tutti Frutti... That is also our first time to ate Tutti Frutti... Its so delicious.. It is a frozen yogurt and have a lot of topping we can put on it. Then, we went to Borders Bookstore for reading.. I tried to find cooking books for my assignment and also tried to find some book in English to learn about vocabulary. After that, we went to Starbucks Cafe for drink and chatting while waiting our movie's time. Our movie at 8.20pm until 10.30pm. 

I watched this movie last night.. Its very awesome to me.. I'm very excited and enjoyed watch this movie.. Started this movie quite slow but the ending is so cool.. I suggest to all of you to watch this movie.. for your information watching movie is my hobby. so, I wish my hobby will help me to improve my English. Thank you again to my friend because he spend his time the whole day with me... 


Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Its A Busy Week

This week is a busy week for me.. This is because everyday I have a mid-term test. Also include a few of my presentation I should do it. Alhamdulillah because all my presentation that I did would be succes dan satisfied.. I would like to thank you to my friends who together with me to completed all assignment. 

Now, I'm studying for my mid-term tomorrow and I will study again for the next and last mid-term test... And lastly I could get ready for coming home for celebrate Raya Haji Day... Thank you...


Monday, 31 October 2011

How I dance??

Last Monday, I had dance test. Dance that were tested are Zapin Asli Melayu Johor from Johor Darul Takzim. Before I dance, my group and I started with the presentation to describe about Zapin.  After that, we were prepared our dance. I was nervous and excited to dance because the choreography was created by us trough every step we had learnt from our lecturer. So far, our presentation was ran smoothly. Hihi~ What I was remembered is the question from my lecturer. "How do you want to uphold the Zapin traditional dance to young people so that they are not lost? Then, we were answered "we will start from School by holding dance class". After that she was laughed because she felt funny with our answer. But its okay.. =)

Lastly, I was satisfied because I have done and make the best. Thank you to my group also consist of Kak Sal, Kak Nurul, Ikha and Pija... And now enjoy the show from us.. Thank you..


Friday, 28 October 2011

National French Of Soup...

Today, i had a kitchen training.. the lesson was learning about types of soup My lecturer gave us a type of soup for our task one day before our class starting.. Have a three types of soup we had learned. That are cream of mushroom soup, tomyam and consomme.. my group got a task about consomme. So that is my first time to made that soup..

Then, I want to share with you about this soup shortly.. Actually this is a national of French soup. At France, they was so proud with this soup.. But for me consomme is just like meat soup usual. This soup is so expensive at there. This is because it's have a richest of taste. So that, this soup is most popular there. The method of this soup is quite hard to do because its have a lot of ingredient to mix all and after that need to wait for a long time for soup are boil. then we need to strain the consomme to be very clearly soup. To get the clearly soup we need to strain many times. so that is why I tell about the fussy things to make this soup.

But when the soup or consomme done. I felt very satisfied. hope you will try this consomme at home with richest of patient. Thank you.. that's all for today.


Something Valuable

Firstly, I would like to thank you to my lovely special friend because he gave me a valuable gift for our special day. That Thing was reminded us about our day on 16 October. I very - very like and appreciate for his gift. For me the gift was very expensive to me to buy it and I feel lucky to have that. 

This gift I will keep carefully and I will use it when my past perfume was running out. hehehe~ I love to use it... Lastly, thank you my dear...


Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Types Of Zapin in Malaysia... Awesome...

Last Tuesday, I went to Malaysian University for watched the show about "zapin". "Zapin selat melaka; selat markasa" was held by students of art and music there. And I came there to fulfill the co-curriculum vitae. I went under dance 1 club. When I arrived there, I was excited to watch the unique of zapin. Our lecturer asked us to went the show for we learned about zapin and could apllied at our test on Monday... That dancers were from KESUMA(UM's group), ASWARA and groups from Indonesia. All of them gave the greatest of zapin and its made us enjoyed and got the knowledge about "zapin".

There, I saw a types of "zapin" such as "zapin johor, zapin salor kelantan, zapin hanuman salor, zapin tenglu" and so on. These "zapins" was performed by KESUMA and ASWARA. Then, for "zapin jambi" and "sulawesi" was performed by dancer's group from Indonesia. So that, the show was gave me a lot of idea to make my group's choreography for "zapin" test on Monday... I would like to thank you to my lecturer; Miss Muhaini to brought me to watched the show.. I was enjoyed with her class.. Its because I love to dance.. Lastly, wish me luck for my test and thank you..

Assalamualaikum <3

Monday, 24 October 2011

WaKeD (Wahana Keterampilan Diri)

Yesterday, I participated in a workshop on public speaking. I am very happy because it is a unique workshop for not just have such a talk lot but has a very interesting activities. What is more exciting is the speaker. the speaker is a celebrity television and his name is Ahmad Fedtri Yahya. Of course you know about him right? However, I would like to tell a little about him. He is a host on the program MALAYSIA HARI INI and also a famous composer. I'm very admirer him because he's very good at talking and his speech have a facts and values that can be used in our life.

This workshop has been running for three hours but I do not feel bored for a variety of interesting activities. I am very impressed with his ability to relate activities with the tips given by him..

Lastly, I hope I can practice the tips given by him. Thank you to Kolej Ungku Omar for having this kind of activity that can enhance personal skills more. It was suitable for us as a future teachers.


Thursday, 20 October 2011


After class, my friends and I went to Periuk Pecah for dinner. It was rainy day. So that's make me very hungry. When I arrived there I ordered Nasi Goreng Pataya. For me the food there was quite expensive but I still satisfied because they served very so much and tasty. Then, what interesting here was the drinks. Here, they had a lot of drinks and also had many size of glasses. So that, I shared the drink with my friend.

We ordered watermelon with lychee. That's make us very full today. Thank you to Periuk Pecah. We enjoyed having our dinner there.. Okay.. See u again..

Thank you...


Monday, 17 October 2011

My Friend's Request....

Today, I have Ftalk with my friend Emma.. She have ask me do a favor for her wedding... Do you know what?? She ask me to be a host for her wedding.. OMG! Actually I'm shocked because that is new for me.. But I so excited and confident to do that... Her wedding will be held on 12 November 2011.. 

I'm so happy for them... I should practice the best for her wedding.. Hope I will do the best for her wedding... and wish me luck.. that's all for today.. thank you...

Assalamualaikum... <3

Sunday, 16 October 2011

A Little Can Save The World... Maybe...

Today is a new day for me. You guys want to know why? Because today is going to be my first time donating my blood. Wow! This is going to be an experience that I will never forget. The activity is organized by Kolej KAB incoperation with Slim River Hospital. How do I feel? Of course nervous and can’t imagine how it going to be for me. When I arrived, a nurse approaches me and asks me to fill up a form and ask me a few questions. Their question is mostly about my life such as my sleeping and eating habits. Then I get to know that before we can donate our blood, we must eat first. Since I haven’t eaten anything, they ask me to go and have my breakfast first.

After the doctor gave me the green light, I went to the next checkpoint. In this checkpoint, they examine and determine the type of blood. Mine would be “O” type. I remembered that my science teacher said in class that “O” type of blood is universal. This type of blood can be use to any other type of blood. I guess that I already done something good for human kind. After finish donating my blood, they ask me to rest for a while and drink some water. I can feel a bit dizzy since about 300mg of blood just has been drained out from my body. It took me a while before I’m ready to head back to my home. That’s make my day and I hope that maybe in future I can do this again….


A MOMENT LIKE THIS... 16102011

16102005 for me is a special date... Its remind me about someone who I mate. I have mate some guy who I know until now. Who is he? He is my special friend. For me, he is a good listener, happy go lucky, motivated and full of dreams. Sometimes he is a serious person. Actually, what I admired him is how the way he treat me. When I have a problem he is my listener and sometimes he is a motivator to me because he always have opinion to share with me. That's make me tough to face many challenges in my life. He very understanding, about my family and everything. I also thank to him because he is a patient with my behavior because sometimes I am stubborn. hehehehe... =) 

Lastly, thank you... 16102011 was reminded me about him.. <3
Assalamualaikum.. <3

Thursday, 13 October 2011

What is next??!

Assalamualaikum to everyone... Yesterday I got some task from EC1 class.. The task ask me to find out 5 guys who I don't know and try to make some talking with them... but not in "BAHASA" okay.. huhu~ So today i went to library after my class at the morning.. then to make a story while I try to find some books when suddenly some guy ask me what the book I try to find.... But in "BAHASA".... 
HAHAHAHAHA.... Do you know what I'm thinking on that time? So I try to be cool and smile at him... then I try to talk with him in the simple words.... the dialogs are like this:
Him: nak cari buku ape ekk??
Me: Do you know where is the location for these books?? (while showing a code of the books from opac system)

Him: you try to find it here...(while he showed me alley among the rack) kalau takde tu tak dpt la nk tlg yer...
Me: Okay.. thank you for your help...( I give a big smile to him)
Then he replied me with a weird smile and leaving me.... huhu~ So for me maybe that is what my lecturer want her students do for their task... Before, I feel what it is that task but when I started to try or do it I feel excited... OMG! I did it...... Lastly, for my friends and myself good luck with our interesting task....


Monday, 10 October 2011

First Try.. Let's See how...

Firstly, I would like to thank you Miss Fairus Ahmad Daud to gave me a task to make a blog... And now I did it.. i'm so excited because this is my new experience to be a blogger... =D
This blog is a part of my assignment in English Communication 1.. this blog should be update everyday according to my own experiences.. 

what is a blog??!
For my opinion blog is a place for people to tell about their story... It is like virtual diary to replace our real diary.. i'm sure some people now have their own blog as a diary.. now, blog is a new trend... I think it is enough for today...  thank you...

Assalamualaikum... <3