Monday, 7 November 2011


Yesterday, my mother cooked special dishes to brought a meal to my brother and sister at Teknik Gombak. I came with my mom, my little brother. I very happy to spent time together with them. 
After I sent my mom and my little brother home, I spend time with my friend at Tropicana Mall City and that is our first time to went there. For me there are quite bored because there just had a shops and don't have a lot of entertainment place. So, what we are doing there are just walking, eating and watching movie.. 

Firstly, when we arrived there we tried Tutti Frutti... That is also our first time to ate Tutti Frutti... Its so delicious.. It is a frozen yogurt and have a lot of topping we can put on it. Then, we went to Borders Bookstore for reading.. I tried to find cooking books for my assignment and also tried to find some book in English to learn about vocabulary. After that, we went to Starbucks Cafe for drink and chatting while waiting our movie's time. Our movie at 8.20pm until 10.30pm. 

I watched this movie last night.. Its very awesome to me.. I'm very excited and enjoyed watch this movie.. Started this movie quite slow but the ending is so cool.. I suggest to all of you to watch this movie.. for your information watching movie is my hobby. so, I wish my hobby will help me to improve my English. Thank you again to my friend because he spend his time the whole day with me... 


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