Sunday, 11 December 2011

Speaking Test

Today in English communications class,
my Lecturer has made public speaking test. We were given the option to select number of titles will be received for public speaking. I feel very fortunate and grateful to get a simple title "as a student what do you prefer as your transportation? Either Motorbike or car?" then, when my turn begins. I start with the opening and go directly to my topic. I had to tell to the audience about the difference, advantage and disadvantage about both of the vehicles.


I have choose Motorbike as a vehicle of my choice because it saves fuel and easy to use. It also easily to find space for parking and surely never stuck in traffic jam. But I dont have a Motorbike’s licence. But, there are also some disadvantages of using motorcycle such as when raining, of course we will get all wet. next, motorcycle are easily been stolen rather than a car. So I prefer public transport provided by the UPSI ... that all from me for today..Thank you ... Assalamualaikum.... =)

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